2012.05 President's Letter

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Revitalizing the CSI Brand

There was an interesting article recently in the March 2012 issue of the Construction Specifier written by Ronald L. Green, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP, CSI Director from the Southwest Region and chair of the Brand Revitalization Task Team. It is a must read for those of us interested in the brand revitalization process to help CSI realize a vision of renewed growth, greater visibility and relevance, and have a significant impact on our organization.
Some of the important points from the article were:
Most of our members in our organization do not believe industry professionals outside the organization understand what CSI represents.
One third of those architectural professionals polled outside the organization do not identify themselves as “specifiers”.
More than 60% of membership would support a name change.
Seventy-five percent of members and 71% of non-members agreed that adding a tagline would help clarify what CSI is.
Sixty-eight percent of members surveyed indicated that they were comfortable with modernizing and updating the CSI logo, but want the shield to remain.
Members identified the top 3 CSI challenges as:
Getting young professionals to join and participate;
Raising the awareness of the importance of having quality construction information and documentation; and
Convincing industry professionals that the association represents all disciplines.
If you Google “CSI” you get 185 million choices. Construction Specifications Institute “CSI” currently pops up as number 8. Usually, if brought up in conversation with other professionals, most people think you are talking about the TV show. Revitalizing the brand for our organization couldn’t come at a better time.
The Specifier magazine is an excellent reference source for architects, engineers, specification writers, and architectural professionals. CSI continues to grow members’ knowledge. Walt Marlowe, CSI’s Executive Director, in his April 2012 article mentioned several educational events like the CS Academies, a new Master Specifiers Retreat, and CONSTRUCT and CSI Convention.
Please check out the CSI National website and the rest of this Metropolitan New York Chapter website for more details.
Also, you are welcome to visit us at the Metropolitan New York CSI Trade Show and Education Day on Wednesday, October 10, 2012, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 19th Street. It’s free to all architectural professionals.
Jeffrey Matles
President, Metropolitan New York Chapter