2014.03_President's Letter

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My arms are sore, my back hurts, and my feet are wet. Yes, all you Gotham faithful understand that nasty word, SNOW and with it we are getting record low temperatures. Our new Mayor in New York City says he's staying focused on the job at hand: Snow removal. To the rest of us he says to keep warm and, most important, stay safe.
Focus is the key. One project at a time per team, done correctly. This is a policy that we all need to adopt. As a volunteer organization we have many projects, and each one of us has a favorite. Participating on one of the Chapter's committees is the best way to get a project carried through to completion; we should volunteer to work with the committee that most closely aligns with our personal goals. An important side benefit is that the Chapter can then manage all of these many activities to achieve our common goals.
Our monthly meetings are awesome: House Committee, we salute you! The Certification Committee (Luis Rosario and Cliff Marvin) has gotten more than 20 attendees at the CDT classes! Our e-newsletter contnues to be terrific, thanks to Linton Stables and Luis Losada. The 2014 Trade Show and Golf Outing are two large events now looking for volunteers. Please visit with Ken Raikowski and Jeff Matles at one of the upcoming monthly meetings for a fun assignment!
This coming meeting promises to be quite lively, as we get to ask (anonymously) all those questions we've always wanted to ask, but didn't want to offend anyone, or get ourselves fired, or look stupid. Join us for thie moderated (and did I say anonymous?) question-and-answer session!
“We Are CSI”
Arnie Kravitz