2013.06 President's Letter

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I'll Leave the Light On

Well, for me, being President of the Metro New York Chapter Construction Specifications Institute has been one remarkable experience.
Born and raised in New York, the son of an entrepreneur, early on I developed not only an affinity for material finishes, but also for service. Upon graduation from the University of Maryland, I worked as an accountant, a controller, a sales manager, a business developer, and business owner and have experienced all phases of an organization from its inception through its various stages of growth.
I attended and participated in many business and industry seminars, trade shows, taken and active role with Metro NY CSI, as Treasurer, Northeast Region Director, Director, and Education and Trade Show Chairman and President. I, also, became a member of USGBC, an AIA New York Chapter affiliate.
As I finish my final term, I look back at all that I feel I have accomplished the many things I had set out to do. The challenge was to make our programs interesting enough, thus attracting members to come to our monthly meetings. Another very important challenge was to maintain our membership.

Again, I want to thank all my CSI colleagues, all volunteers by the way, for taking the time and making my leadership so memorable, successful and painless. Many people stand out…A special “thank you” to Arnie Kravitz, Linton Stables, Tom Lanzelotti, Bill DuBois, Susan Kaplan, Bob Crane, Cliff Marvin, David Stutzman, Ruma Som, Bill Jacquette, Bert Korteling, Angela Centanni, Stefanie Romanowski, Joy Davis, Michael Bean, Scott Tobias, Mary Hosley, Anthony Drummond, Ken Raikowski, Josh Diamond and Luis Rosario Lluveras.

Jeffrey Matles
President, Metro New York Chapter CSI