2013.07 President's Letter

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Clearly, Correctly, Concisely, Completely…

As we embark on another year of the Metropolitan Chapter of CSI, our 63rd, I have a long rack of big shoes to fill as your entrusted leader. I have served on many committees and have held all but two Board positions. My business background has been in sales and specifications of building products in Divisions 04 and 08 for more than 30 years. Most importantly, together with our colleagues, I have contributed toward the success of our Chapter, while making lifelong friends throughout the country through attendance at various CSI national and regional conferences and many meetings of local chapters. Around CSI it is never “I,” but always “we.” From now on I would like to start our meetings with “WE are CSI and I am Arnie Kravitz” (or your name if you are the leader of the meeting). We will close with a single statement: “We are CSI.”

CSI’s vision is made prominent through our webinars, our national magazine, The Construction Specifier, our website and blogs, the countless articles and local chapter newsletters, all breaking down and explaining the elements of formats, design codes, etc. So apt are the four rules of spec writing: Clear, Correct, Concise, Complete.  Our Institute and Chapter goals and our visions should meet those same criteria. We have great technical information and great marketing of our information, but what are we missing?

We--us, you, our team, your team--We need volunteers. The payback is enormous, with camaraderie, friendships, business connections, personal satisfaction, and industry recognition being just a few of the benefits. Let's not forget the honor of using professional credentials that come with CSI membership. On top of that, there are the many earned accreditation such as CDT, CCPR, and CCS that show not only your expertise, but your professionalism as recognized by CSI. Your clients, employers, and colleagues will realize and respect your dedication to an industry that is ever-evolving.

Today let's all make a commitment to find new members as we plan our Trade Show, Golf outing, continuing education seminars and monthly meetings. People in the construction industry need CSI membership to bring more professionalism to all that we do. 

“We Are CSI”


Arnie Kravitz, CSI
President, Metropolitan New York Chapter CSI