2010.09 President's Letter

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This month I am stepping in for Linton to welcome everyone to our Chapter’s new program year at CSI.  September is often a bit of a sad time: summer is over and vacations become a memory.  But just like when we were kids, September means the beginning of the new school term; it is a time for new opportunities.  In the spirit of new beginnings I can report that the Metropolitan New York Chapter had a very productive planning retreat in August.
During our retreat we reviewed what we had accomplished in the past year, how we either surpassed or fell short of our goals.  We were determined to use the review to find ways improve how we serve our community.  We found that we were pleased with the successful outreach to Pratt Institute, supporting our long-term goal of including more students and educational institutions in our community.  Last year’s fascinating tour of Skanska’s office encouraged us to plan for more active and innovative programming.  Many exciting and new ideas were brought to light, in the next few months you will see these concepts become reality.

This September is a banner month for us.  The Trade Show and Education Day:  “Adapting Business to Succeed” occured on Wednesday, September 15. The seminars provided a wide range of topics including working abroad, energy incentives, socially-conscious development, the impact of CSI, Lower Manhattan construction and energy conservation through attention to door openings.  Many people attended this year, and the vendors who supported the event and showed their products filled the space available.

To further enhance our September offerings, the Chapter Annual Golf Outing is rescheduled for Thursday, September 23rd.   This gives everyone another chance to sign up and participate.

We expect the events of our “back to school” month will be a great lead-in for a year that will end in the amazing 60th Anniversary of our Chapter in June.  Please join us on what we hope is a meaningful journey for all of us.

Susan Kaplan, CSI, CCS, LEED AP
Chapter Vice President

The Chapter leadership sends its sympathy to our chapter president Linton Stables and his family on the death of Linton’s mother in late August. She died after a very short illness in Richmond, Virginia.