2011.02 President's Letter

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Our Chapter meetings are important as both a means of networking and as a way to learn new stuff. For those reasons—and because we always have a lot of fun—the Board is always hesitant to cancel one of our monthly meetings. However, when it looks like the weather or some other threat may endanger our members we have to respond accordingly.  That’s what happened last month. Don’t worry though, as we will have our round of Construction Jeopardy at our May meeting. Next up:  Our joint meeting with the local chapter of the Door and Hardware Institute on February 9. Aaron Smith, one of our outstanding presenters at last year’s Trade Show, will be speaking about the Future of Hardware Specifying.  There will be no charge for the dinner or the program if you are a professional or student in the design/construction industry. (If you are reading this, then you are most likely eligible.) Come on out and enjoy the company of your fellow professionals on February 9.

As part of the Board of Directors effort to reach our Goals, Objectives, and Strategies for the year, the Chapter is sponsoring a special program for interior designers and architects in March. We hope it will be a very successful outreach to a group that has not been particularly well represented in our membership, and a part of our industry that has not always taken specifications seriously.  I want to thank Angela Centanni and Tandus Flooring for putting the whole thing together and hosting the event. Thanks go also to Armstrong Ceilings, LumaVision, Benjamin Moore Paints, and Decorating With Fabric for being sponsors.

We are still planning to celebrate the Chapter’s 60th Anniversary in a big way. The Co-Chairs of the Anniversary Planning Committee are Anthony Drummond and Arnie Kravitz. Contact them if you have an interest in working on this. Michael Bean is working on putting together the history of the Chapter. You can help him out by sending him photos, old Addendums, or some remembrances that you have written down.

Before we get started with the program at the meeting on the 9th we will be having an open discussion on the question “Should the Institute do away with the distinction between Industry and Professional membership?” which will be put to an Institute-wide vote in February. The purpose of the discussion is to hear both sides and be more informed when we cast our ballots.

I do not normally get up on a soapbox for Institute issues, but I feel pretty strongly about the need to eliminate the distinctions among CSI members, between those who are “Professional” and those who are “Industry.” In my way of thinking, all of us in the design/construction industry are professionals. And these days there are too many people who defy these labels to make them very meaningful. For example, is an architect who works for a construction manager not a professional? Is a specification consultant not a part of the industry? Where do those in academia fit? How about those in government service, or construction management, or industrial research? The days when people could be neatly divided into two categories are in the past. It is time to do away with this anachronism in CSI’s membership structure.  I encourage you to vote Yes on this issue.

Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
Chapter President