2011.06 President's Letter

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June represents the home stretch for my tenure as President, and I have enjoyed nearly every minute of it. At the end of this month Jeffrey Matles will take office as our new Chapter President and will lead us into the next era of our corporate life. I am planning on sticking around to see how I can help Jeff and the rest of our Board in achieving our goals.

One nice thing about a chapter like Metropolitan New York is the group of people who are ready to take up the work and get things done. It is always a pleasure to work with people who consider themselves part of a team and where everyone wants the team to succeed. If there were moments when I wondered why I ever wanted to be President, they were usually when I realized that I hadn’t taken advantage of the large pool of talent and enthusiasm in our Chapter, but had determined to do things myself.

That being said, the talent and enthusiasm pool is never large enough. If you’re not in it, even in a small way, then not only is the Chapter missing out on your contribution, but you are missing a great opportunity! You will never appreciate the value of your membership until the day you volunteer to help out and you see the kind of appreciation you get for it. I highly recommend that you make a “mid-year correction” –or perhaps you could call it a procrastinator’s New Year’s Resolution—to get involved in CSI.

Thank you for this great opportunity to serve you and the Chapter. I look forward to working alongside you next year!

Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
Chapter President