2013.04 President's Letter

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Who Are We?

Someone recently asked me who is CSI? What do we add to the building environment?
The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), was founded in March 1948 by specification writers of government agencies who came together to improve the quality of construction specifications. The Institute’s efforts were essential in improving construction specification quality so that it could meet the demands of the post-war construction boom. Development of specifications best practices, promulgating standards/formats, professional education, and certification were cornerstones of the Institute. The Institute grew quickly to include specification writers in the private sector, design professionals concerned about communicating their vision in construction documents, constructors interested in delivering high-quality facilities, and material suppliers with unique solutions to construction challenges. These construction professionals continue to work together today as CSI members to effectively communicate the designers’ vision, the material producers’ solutions, and the constructors’ techniques to create outstanding buildings that meet facility owners’ objectives.
The mission of CSI is to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.How We Do It? CSI is a national non profit association of more than 13,000 volunteers, that includes specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, product representatives, manufacturers, owners and others who are experts in building construction and the materials used therein. Our volunteers are dedicated to improving the communication of construction information through:

  • The diverse membership base made up of allied professionals involved in the creation and management of the built environment.
  • Confirms your credibility
  • We continuously develop and transform standards and formats.
  • We are dedicated to the education and certification of professionals, in order to improve the project delivery processes.
  • We create practice tools to assist users throughout the facility life-cycle.

CSI, is governed by a Board of Directors, a nationally elected body, that provides long-range strategic leadership. The Board is composed of nationally elected CSI officers, including the president, president-elect, two vice presidents, the secretary, and the treasurer; elected representatives (directors) from each of CSI's 10 regions; and a director at large. CSI’s executive director/CEO is a corporate officer.
CSI (140+) chapters across the country do more than provide networking – expect high-quality education programs and events that help members share real world solutions and better understand the roles and responsibilities of each member of the construction team. “Building knowledge improving project delivery” is our motto.

Jeffrey Matles, CSI