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  • 2014.09_President's Letter
    Continuing the Relationship
    As we move into the 64th year of the Metropolitan New York Chapter’s illustrious history, we should all be excited about the prospects for our organization and for the Design & Construction Community we are a part of.

    Over the summer months, your Chapter Leadership Team including Board Members and Committee Chairs worked diligently to plan an exciting year of programs and activities for our membership crafted around the concept of “Continuing the Relationship”.

    Every design/construction project finally ends. Or does it? The new or renovated facility lives on, and the users and managers must deal with the prior decisions and actions of the owners, the designers, and the builders. How a facility functions will have a lasting impact on those occupants, but it may also have an impact on the reputations of the designer and the builder, and on the manufacturers of all the installed products. How a project "ends" will inform the beginning of several long-lasting relationships. As they are currently written, contracts include many provisions for these new relationships: closeout procedures and documentation, warranties, maintenance and operations data, and record documents are usually clearly spelled out in the specifications. But how does it actually work?

    For the upcoming year, we are charging each component of the Metropolitan New York Chapter of CSI with incorporating some aspect of this continuing relationship concept into the development of all activities and programs... Read the entire letter>>
  • 2014,07 President's Letter
    As the summer moves into full swing, and I begin my term as Chapter President I feel that it is so important for me to recognize and sincerely thank my predecessors Linton Stables, Jeff Matles and Arnie Kravitz.

    They have been the Chapter presidents during my years as a Chapter and under their leadership and guidance, our Chapter has seen growth not only in the number of members but more importantly in the quality of our membership experience.  As leaders, each exhibited a singular common characteristic that I hope to continue...Their passion for our organization.

    Over the summer months, I along with your newly elected Board Members and newly appointed Committee Chairs will be hard at work, planning programs, educational opportunities and other exciting and innovative activities to continue the enhancement of our membership experience.  

    I truly believe while leadership is important, the true success of any organization relies on its people.   So with that in mind, please feel free to provide any thoughts, concerns and/or ideas you may have to assist us in creating a better membership experience.

    Thanks for your support and please enjoy the summer months with your families and friends.
    Tom Lanzelotti
    President, Metropolitan New York Chapter CSI

  • 2014.03_President's Letter
    My arms are sore, my back hurts, and my feet are wet. Yes, all you Gotham faithful understand that nasty word, SNOW and with it we are getting record low temperatures. Our new Mayor in New York City says he's staying focused on the job at hand: Snow removal. To the rest of us he says to keep warm and, most important, stay safe.

    This coming meeting promises to be quite lively, as we get to ask (anonymously) all those questions we've always wanted to ask, but didn't want to offend anyone, or get ourselves fired, or look stupid. Join us for thie moderated (and did I say anonymous?) question-and-answer session! Read the entire letter>>

    Arnie Kravitz
    President, Metropolitan New York Chapter CSI

  • 2014.01 President's Letter
    The holidays are upon us, shopping is complete, and hopefully the magic and the gifting and receiving brought us much happiness. Now as we approach the New Year of 2014, many of us will be resolving to do something even better, perhaps even leading to a dreaded New Year’s resolution!

    We are all giving people: we give our time to help our organization which, in turn, helps others, whether we are raising funds for our scholarship program or funding a needed repair for a civic institution, as we did after last year’s super storm Sandy. Our resolution for our Chapter is to continue to work toward the goals we set forth at our planning meeting, with an eye toward achieving something great in 2014. Read the entire letter>>

    Arnie Kravitz
    President, Metropolitan New York Chapter CSI

  • 2013.12 President's Letter
    November is here and now that we near the end of the month, we experience what I think of as the most wonderful time of the holiday season. A time of Thanksgiving can be significant to each one of us. We are thankful for all that we have and all that we are able to strive for. We are grateful for one another and glad to help others. Our chapter has had a wonderful year, providing scholarships to deserving students of our profession and donating to relief efforts for Superstorm Sandy for work at the South Street Seaport Museum. Our monthly events are filled with camaraderie and passion for what we do. We're all in this, not only for our own development but for our community of fellow professionals and for the larger community. Read the entire letter>>

    Arnie Kravitz
    President, Metropolitan New York Chapter CSI

  • 2013.09 President's Letter
    Summer vacations are mostly over. Our interns are heading back to college, some entering their final year and eagerly awaiting job opportunities in the construction industry. Very few, if any, would tell you they are embarking on a career in technical writing—especially specification writing. We need to consider where we are heading. Read the entire letter>>

    Arnie Kravitz
    President, Metropolitan New York Chapter CSI

  • 2013.07 President's Letter
    Clearly, Correctly, Concisely, Completely…

    As we embark on another year of the Metropolitan Chapter of CSI, our 63rd, I have a long rack of big shoes to fill as your entrusted leader...
    Around CSI it is never “I,” but always “we.” From now on I would like to start our meetings with “WE are CSI and I am Arnie Kravitz” (or your name if you are the leader of the meeting). We will close with a single statement: “We are CSI.” Read the entire letter>>

    Arnie Kravitz
    President, Metropolitan New York Chapter CSI

  • 2013.06 President's Letter
    I'll Leave the Light On

    Well, for me, being President of the Metro New York Chapter Construction Specifications Institute has been one remarkable experience.
    Born and raised in New York, the son of an entrepreneur, early on I developed not only an affinity for material finishes, but also for service. Upon graduation from the University of Maryland, I worked as an accountant, a controller, a sales manager, a business developer, and business owner and have experienced all phases of an organization from its inception through its various stages of growth.
    I attended and participated in many business and industry seminars, trade shows, taken and active role with Metro NY CSI, as Treasurer, Northeast Region Director, Director, and Education and Trade Show Chairman and President. I, also, became a member of USGBC, an AIA New York Chapter affiliate.

    Jeffrey Matles
    President, Metro New York Chapter CSI

  • 2013.05 President's Letter
    My Legacy

    The challenge was to make our programs interesting enough, thus attracting members to come to our monthly meetings. Another very important challenge was to maintain our membership. I want to thank all my CSI colleagues, many listed in the events below, for taking the time and making my leadership so memorable, successful and painless. Many people stand out…A special “thank you” to Arnie Kravitz, Linton Stables, Tom Lanzelotti, Bill DuBois, Susan Kaplan, Bob Crane, Cliff Marvin, David Stutzman, Ruma Som, Bill Jacquette, Bert Korteling, Angela Centanni, Stefanie Romanowski, Joy Davis, Michael Bean, Scott Tobias, Mary Hosley, Anthony Drummond, Ken Raikowski and Luis Rosario Lluveras. Here are some of the highlights from this last year...

    Jeffrey Matles
    President, Metro New York Chapter CSI

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  • 2013.04 President's Letter
    Who Are We?

    Someone recently asked me who is CSI? What do we add to the building environment?
    The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), was founded in March 1948 by specification writers of government agencies who came together to improve the quality of construction specifications. The Institute’s efforts were essential in improving construction specification quality so that it could meet the demands of the post-war construction boom. Development of specifications best practices, promulgating standards/formats, professional education, and certification were cornerstones of the Institute. The Institute grew quickly to include specification writers in the private sector, design professionals concerned about communicating their vision in construction documents, constructors interested in delivering high-quality facilities, and material suppliers with unique solutions to construction challenges. These construction professionals continue to work together today as CSI members to effectively communicate the designers’ vision, the material producers’ solutions, and the constructors’ techniques to create outstanding buildings that meet facility owners’ objectives.

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  • 2013.03 President's Letter
    Building Knowledge Improving Project Delivery

    The new Metropolitan New York Chapter logo was introduced in February this year, incorporating and in compliance with the Institute’s new branding program, part of which is the tagline “Building Knowledge Improving Project Delivery”.
    The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.”
    Therefore, it makes sense to understand that branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.

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  • 2013.02 President's Letter


    The responsibility of the Architectural Resource Librarian is to administer the firm’s resource library and perform related library services. I recently went on-line and looked up “Job descriptions for an Architectural Resource Librarians”. One of the first web sites to pop up was Career Planner. According to Career Planner the librarian’s background should include a number of specialized traits and skills in order to be successful.

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  • 2012.12 President's Letter


    Our Metropolitan CSI Family was very busy this year!

    The programs presented at our monthly meetings continue to remain strong. There are many highlights from this last year.
    There are some special people in our organization who always step up to the plate when called upon, and they need to be recognized. The Board of Directors and Committees that make our organization go: Anthony Drummond, Bill Jacquette, Angela Centanni, Linton Stables, Bert Korteling, Bob Crane, Tom Lanzelotti, Arnie Kravitz, and Kenneth Raikowski; then there are Cliff Marvin, Russ Carpenter, Susan Kaplan, Ruma Som, Dennis Italia, Luis Rosario, Mary Hosley, Bill DuBois, Chris Kroeter, and Scott Tobias.
    A special thank you to Tom Lanzelotti, Bill DuBois, and Ruma Som for their brilliant idea to automate our outdated Metro CSI NY Chapter’s nametag system. 
    Someone once said, "We should live every day like it is a holiday, being thankful and spending time with family, and looking hopefully to the future." I totally agree.
    Have a joyous holiday season!
    Jeffrey Matles, President

  • 2012.09 President's Letter

    For an industry trade show with a local flavor, try CONNECT NYC: PEOPLE, PRODUCTS & INFORMATION, on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York. It opens at 9:00 and the event includes AIA seminar programs. Our featured speakers are Seth Pinsky, President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC); Kathyn Mallon, Deputy Director, NYC Engineering & Design Division; Ms. Joy Davis, CSI, CCPR, Construction Specifications Institute; Rowan Georges, Associate, Head of Specifications, SOM Architects; Bill Walsh, Executive Director, Healthy Building Network and the Pharos Project; and a Specifications Roundtable moderated by Scott Tobias, CSI, CDT, AHC/CDC, LEED AP.
    The 2012 Annual Metro New York Chapter Trade Show and Education Day will explore the ways in which you can contribute to better building. Come and learn with us, share your knowledge with us, and interact with others who share your quest designing and constructing buildings.

    Jeffrey MatlesChapter President
  • 2012.05 President's Letter
    Revitalizing the CSI Brand

    There was an interesting article recently in the March 2012 issue of the Construction Specifier written by Ronald L. Green, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP, CSI Director from the Southwest Region and chair of the Brand Revitalization Task Team. It is a must read for those of us interested in the brand revitalization process to help CSI realize a vision of renewed growth, greater visibility and relevance, and have a significant impact on our organization.
    Some of the important points from the article were:
    Most of our members in our organization do not believe industry professionals outside the organization understand what CSI represents.
    One third of those architectural professionals polled outside the organization do not identify themselves as “specifiers”.
    More than 60% of membership would support a name change.
    Seventy-five percent of members and 71% of non-members agreed that adding a tagline would help clarify what CSI is.
    Sixty-eight percent of members surveyed indicated that they were comfortable with modernizing and updating the CSI logo, but want the shield to remain.
    Members identified the top 3 CSI challenges as:
    Getting young professionals to join and participate;
    Raising the awareness of the importance of having quality construction information and documentation; and
    Convincing industry professionals that the association represents all disciplines.
    If you Google “CSI” you get 185 million choices. Construction Specifications Institute “CSI” currently pops up as number 8. Usually, if brought up in conversation with other professionals, most people think you are talking about the TV show. Revitalizing the brand for our organization couldn’t come at a better time.

    Jeff Matles, CSI
    Chapter President
  • 2012.04 President's Letter
    Metropolitan New York Chapter Leads the Way

    Apple Computer just released the new iPad[3], another evolution in handheld devices and it seems to be an early success. A sure sign that technology creates excitement and improvements are here to stay. What makes it so interesting is that we have moved onto another exciting level of technology.
    Last June I was approached by the Chapter Membership Committee, Tom Lanzelotti (Chair), Bill DuBois, and Ruma Som with a game plan to bring our organization into the 21st century. The idea from Tom and Bill was to provide a new membership ID card to use as name badges at Chapter events. They put together a document explaining the concept behind the membership card for the Board of Directors. The card would have a barcode to sign people in at events and assist in tracking learning units. The large name imprint will assist in networking at Chapter events, providing a sense of belonging. Ruma helped to make the idea a reality by offering the sponsorship of Assa Abloy for the hardware and software needed.
    The Board approved the concept, and at the next meeting we were greeted with our new name badge/membership cards. We were were all delighted and now can say we will be using the new card reader system at our monthly meetings.... Thank you to Tom, Bill, and Ruma and ASSA ABLOY for your foresight. CSI National will be studying our new Chapter system for possible use nationwide. Let us help to lead the way into the future.

    Come join us in April for an amazing tour...

    Jeff Matles, CSI
    Chapter President
  • 2012.03 President's Letter
    WHAT IF?

    How many times have I heard people say, “I should have gone to school to finish this or that or get an education”? I say it is never too late. Are you willing to learn something new? It’s hard to be perfect, but easy to be honest. I have, after many years in the construction industry, decided to take CDT (Certified Construction Document) classes to get a better understanding of the built environment. There is a certain comfort level knowing that the individual you are dealing with and discussing details of their project has been certified.
    CSI’s CDT program has provided foundation training in construction documentation for architects, contractors, contract administrators, specifiers, and manufacturers’ representatives for decades. As the cornerstone of CSI's certification program, it's also prerequisite to CSI’s advanced certification exams: Certified Construction Specifier (CCS), Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA), and Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR) certification.
    Connect with CSI to stay informed, find out about our organization and make some rules. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by. If you are procrastinating or undecided, there is still time to sign up for the certification and for the study courses.
    Become pro-active and check out the national CSI web site and our own Chapter site, too.

    Jeff Matles, CSI
    Chapter President
  • 2012.02 President's Letter

    It was Tuesday, January 17, 2012, and I had just been to “An Evening with Kevin Roche”, the famous architect, at the Museum of the City of New York. Kevin will be 90 this year, was brilliant and as usual very charming. He shared some of his life experiences with us: It is amazing what he has accomplished. The room was packed and event was very enjoyable. On the way home, I kept thinking to myself that I was truly fortunate to have been there. It was great to see so many faces from Metro CSI in the audience.
    As I drove home through the vibrant Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, I couldn’t help notice the IAC Headquarters, designed by architect Frank Gehry and completed in 2007. It was all lit up with colored LED’s.  The IAC building is one of my favorite buildings. I was thinking to myself, that it would have been nice to have some of my products specified for that building when it was built. It was a thrill when some products I represented were showcased in a trade magazine, but it's a greater thrill when they are specified in a building!
    It started me thinking: How many other buildings in New York are distinguished because of their design? When I arrived home, I compiled a list (included in the whole letter at the link above). Many on my list were built in the 1900’s. I’m sure I missed a few.  Can you think of any others? Do you have any stories regarding any of these buildings? Please share your experiences with us.
    Jeff Matles
    Chapter President
  • 2012.01 President's Letter

    Pritzker Prize winner Kevin Roche is one of the most critically acclaimed architects of the postwar era, distinguished for the pioneering urban structures he designed in the 1960’s and 1970’s, including the Oakland Museum in California and the Ford Foundation Headquarters in New York. In a career that has spanned more than a half a century, Roche has pioneered new territories in design methodology and building technology.

    We are delighted and very proud to invite you as our guest to “An Evening with Kevin Roche” on January 17 at the Museum of the City of New York. Details are here.

    Jeff Matles

    Chapter President

  • 2011.12 President's Letter

    My nephew has recently gone off to college. He is starting to ask questions about industries and careers. He has made me think further about what construction and architecture have to offer. After careful thought and many years of experience, I have concluded it is the best career a young person can choose. You may not believe this, however, the facts will show that our business is unmatched.

    The construction industry rewards hard work. Rewards are based on merit. The best advertising in the construction industry is a completed project on time and budget.

    So, I encourage young people to be pro-active. Join one of many industry groups...

    Happy Holidays!

    Jeff Matles

    Chapter President

  • 2011.11 President's Letter
    WHAT'S NEXT....

    Now that RE:Building New York has passed with much anticipated fanfare and success, what's next—Disney? Can you compare Disney to New York? or maybe we should strive for Chicago...

    And speaking about Chicago, eight of us from the Metropolitan NY CSI Chapter recently visited the Windy City for Construct 2011, the national CSI Event. The event was filled with seminars, a trade show and lot's of bonding. Dinner at Gibson's, a famous Chicago landmark, was an extraordinary opportunity for bonding.

    Although the event was smaller in size than in previous years, mostly due to attrition and the economy, the show exposed us to what's happening on the national scene. One of the major goals of National is to retain membership. Ironically, the NY Chapter has actually increased our membership for fiscal year 2010-2011. Thank you Bert Korteling, who served as our membership chairman for that time.

    Metropolitan New York CSI's recent events have been inspiring, fun, and a welcomed change. We decided to do a Casino Night that turned out to be a winner. Big winner: Metro NY CSI. A big "Thank You" to Bob Crane and the volunteers for putting that one together.

    The next event was our annual Education Day and Trade Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion, co-chaired by Arnie Kravitz and myself. The reviews were extremely positive, and everyone involved walked away feeling good. And, to Arnie, the General Manager of the event, and to all the volunteers who made the event so special, I say "Thank you".

    I look forward to all our upcoming events... please see the events published in our newsletter and web site.

  • 2011.09 President's Letter

    My first newsletter as your new METROPOLITAN NEW YORK CSI President.

    Who would have thought when I joined the CSI New York Chapter some twelve years ago that I would someday be leading the organization? Wow!

    I had some time over the summer to think about leadership and our organization. The direction in which to take our group of specification writers, architects, designers, engineers, vendors, industry professional people, and students has become my focus.

    On August 10 your Board of Directors met at Perkins Eastman Architects for our annual Chapter Planning Retreat. Our core group discussed many issues, goals, and objectives, and we shared ideas for the coming year. We touched on academic involvement, events to appeal to new groups of people, making some bold moves regarding our meetings, administration, succession planning, and involvement of the wider construction community.

    We discussed exciting upcoming events like:

    • Chapter’s 60th Anniversary & Casino Night at the Beacon Hotel, September 7.
    • Construct 2011, the Annual CSI Convention, Chicago, September 13-16.
    • Metro New York CSI Education Day and Trade Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion, October 12.

    I can’t wait! Please check back on our web site to keep abreast of what is happening, and request a copy of our monthly newsletter. Better yet, come and see for yourself. Our programs are great!


    Chapter President

  • 2011.06 President's Letter

    June represents the home stretch for my tenure as President, and I have enjoyed nearly every minute of it. At the end of this month Jeffrey Matles will take office as our new Chapter President and will lead us into the next era of our corporate life. I am planning on sticking around to see how I can help Jeff and the rest of our Board in achieving our goals.

    One nice thing about a chapter like Metropolitan New York is the group of people who are ready to take up the work and get things done. It is always a pleasure to work with people who consider themselves part of a team and where everyone wants the team to succeed.

    That being said, the talent and enthusiasm pool is never large enough. If you’re not in it, even in a small way, then not only is the Chapter missing out on your contribution, but you are missing a great opportunity! You will never appreciate the value of your membership until the day you volunteer to help out and you see the kind of appreciation you get for it. I highly recommend that you make a “mid-year correction” –or perhaps you could call it a procrastinator’s New Year’s Resolution—to get involved in CSI.

    Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Chapter President

  • 2011.05 President's Letter

    If you missed the tour of the Northwest Corner Building at Columbia University, and the fantastic barbeque dinner that followed, well… maybe next year. Joe Mannino, the Associate Vice President for Capital Project Management took on a tour of the laboratory and classroom building designed by Rafael Moneo with David Brody Bond, and built by Turner Construction. Mr. Mannino was a great tour guide, quite enthusiastic about the special care that was taken on the part of the designers, builders, and the University itself in assuring a first-class facility for students and faculty to conduct research. And the Dinosaur Barbeque couldn’t have been better! This is the second time in recent Chapter history that we have taken a building tour as one of our monthly meetings, and I think it can now be considered a regular part of our program. Assa Abloy, one of our stalwart supporters, was the sponsor of the evening.

    This month you should definitely plan to come and enjoy an evening of hilarity and learning when we bring back Construction Jeopardy on May 11. While this may seem like shameless self-promotion (yours, truly, is the emcee of this event) the real stars are the teams who compete with their knowledge of trivia and facts related to the design and construction industry. You don’t want to be on a team or compete? Great! We need a lively audience, too! Thanks to LG Hausys Solid Surfacing for sponsoring this program.

    Last month we voted on new officers and directors for the Chapter, using an on-line ballot for the first time. The Nominating Committee has counted the votes and the slate of candidates who were proposed was elected. Congratulations are in order for the new officers and directors (listed elsewhere in this newsletter) and a special thanks to the members who voted! We had a record turn-out this year for voting.


  • 2011.04 President's Letter

    March was a pretty exciting time around our Chapter. There was the blood-pressure-inducing last-minute change in our main program, which all turned out quite well with our fantastic speaker Asif Syed, Principal at AKF Engineers speaking to us on Carbon Footprint Reduction. We who live in New York seem acutely aware of how much energy we use and waste, and at the same time it is somewhat comforting to know how “green” living in a major metropolitan area can be! Asif was careful, though, to remind us that we have a long way to go toward being carbon neutral.

    This month we are going on another tour, this time of the Northwest Corner Building at Columbia University, a laboratory and classroom building designed by Rafael Moneo, with David Brody Bond, and built by Turner Construction. The tour and the dinner are limited to the first 50 people who register, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible. Dinner will be at the well-known Dinosaur BBQ, and includes beer and wine. All this happens on Wednesday, April 13.

    This month we are voting on new officers and directors for the Chapter, and we are making it easier than ever with an on-line ballot. The Nominating Committee has proposed a slate of candidates who are well qualified to serve you as directors and officers. Each member will receive an e-mail that will direct you to the ballot, which can be completed in less than five minutes. So please Vote!

    Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Chapter President

  • 2011.03 President's Letter

    We had a great joint meeting with the local chapter of the Door and Hardware Institute on February 9. Aaron Smith, Director of Sustainable Building Solutions at Assa Abloy, spoke on the Future of Hardware Specifying to a crowd of nearly 80. At the meeting about 6 new members signed up and one of them was awarded his first year’s dues for free, courtesy of Assa Abloy. We welcome all of our new members. Bert Korteling, Membership Chair, has been doing a terrific job getting new members and retaining our current members. He’s been recognized by the Institute for his efforts, and we certainly appreciate those efforts on the Chapter level.

    Our March meeting promises to be as rewarding an experience as last month’s. Ron Bowman, Executive Vice President of Tishman Construction, will be speaking to us on Energy usage, savings and changes in LEED-certified Buildings, a particularly relevant topic these days as fuel costs rise and construction work starts to pick up again. Once again, the dinner and the program are free to those in the design and construction industry. Let your friends in the business know about this and invite them to attend with you on March 9.

    And finally there is the issue of leadership and the future of our Chapter. There are some great opportunities to hone your leadership skills in this organization. Being on a committee—or even chairing one—is a great start and gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow members. The Board of Directors and the officers of the Chapter are welcoming of new ideas and energy, so please contact Bill DuBois or Arnie Kravitz about volunteering for a leadership position. The future of CSI really is in your hands!


  • 2011.02 President's Letter

    The Board is always hesitant to cancel one of our monthly meetings. However, when it looks like the weather or some other threat may endanger our members we have to respond accordingly.  That’s what happened last month. Don’t worry though, as we will have Construction Jeopardy at our May meeting. Next up:  Our joint meeting with the local chapter of the Door and Hardware Institute on February 9. Aaron Smith, one of our outstanding presenters at last year’s Trade Show, will be speaking about the Future of Hardware Specifying.  There will be no charge for the dinner or the program if you are a professional or student in the design/construction industry.

    I do not normally get up on a soapbox for Institute issues, but I feel pretty strongly about the need to eliminate the distinctions among CSI members, between those who are “Professional” and those who are “Industry.” In my way of thinking, all of us in the design/construction industry are professionals. And these days there are too many people who defy these labels to make them very meaningful. For example, is an architect who works for a construction manager not a professional? Is a specification consultant not a part of the industry? Where do those in academia fit? How about those in government service, or construction management, or industrial research? The days when people could be neatly divided into two categories are in the past. It is time to do away with this anachronism in CSI’s membership structure.  I encourage you to vote Yes on this issue.

    Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Chapter President

  • 2011.01 President's Letter

    Even though the holidays are over, it’s fun to look back and think about the fun times, like the ones we had at our Holiday Italiano! celebration last month. Did you miss it? Not to worry because the fun continues this month at the Chapter meeting as we have another round of Construction Jeopardy! Come out and test your knowledge of our industry’s terminology, technology, and history. (It’s more fun than that last sentence sounds—trust me!) Adding to the merriment is the fact that there will be no charge for the dinner or the program if you are a professional or student in the design/construction industry. (If you are reading this, then you are most likely eligible.) Come on out and enjoy the company of your fellow professionals on January 12.

    Before we get started with Jeopardy at the meeting on the 12th we will be having an open discussion on the question “Should the Institute do away with the distinction between Industry and Professional membership?” which will be put to an Institute-wide vote in February. I have my own opinion about this issue, but the purpose of the discussion is to hear both sides and be more informed when we cast our ballots.

    We are still planning to celebrate the Chapter’s 60th Anniversary in a big way. The Co-Chairs of the Anniversary Planning Committee are Anthony Drummond and Arnie Kravitz. Contact them if you have an interest in working on this. Have a prosperous New Year!

    Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Chapter President

  • 2010.12 President's Letter

    It’s holiday time and there’s excitement in the air. Many of us are somewhere between hopeful and anticipating a new and better year in 2011. CSI remains in the forefront of preparing its members and the construction industry for what’s next. For example, last month’s program on Technology Design Principles for Modern Buildings, presented by Greg Roberts of AKF Technologies, gave us some fascinating insight into the digital world that lives inside many of our buildings.

    A major part of the holidays, though, is to put aside our concerns about the world and have some fun! The Chapter is going to do just that, with a magnificent Holiday Italiano! celebration in a new and different venue. Come on out to Long Island City (seriously, it’s only 2 subway stops from where we normally meet!) for some great traditional Italian holiday food, perhaps with some Italian holiday music, and definitely with some traditional CSI holiday fun! We are keeping the cost low so that you can be a part of the party.

    Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Chapter President

  • 2010.11 President's Letter

    The Chapter has gotten off to a great start with our Trade Show and then last month’s presentation on How to Make a Killer Presentation. We also presented our annual Frybergh Scholarship award to Raul Bussot, an architecture student at Pratt Institute. Next up, at our November 10 meeting: Technology Design Principles for Modern Buildings, presented by Gregory Roberts, Partner at AKF Group LLC, AKF Technologies. It promises to be a fascinating tour (figuratively speaking) through the digital world that lives inside many of our buildings.

    At our October meeting the Board of Directors adopted a far-reaching set of Goals, Objectives, and Strategies for this year. Take some time to read this document on our web site. Perhaps something there will inspire you to get involved in making some of these ideas come to fruition.

    Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Chapter President

  • 2010.10 President's Letter

    Join us as the Chapter’s program year gets off to a start on Wednesday, October 13, when we will have a presentation on the How to Make a Killer Presentation. You won’t want to miss this talk on how you can give your presentations that extra oomph in order to have the impact you would like them to have. At the same meeting we will present our annual scholarship to Raul Bussot, a deserving architecture student at Pratt Institute. And here’s a great value for you, as a member in good standing: Dinner is included in your dues, so come and enjoy the program and dinner without paying!

    Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Chapter President

  • 2010.09 President's Letter
    The September 2010 President's letter, written by Vice President Susan Kaplan.
  • 2010.08 President's Letter

    This month I am stepping in for Linton to welcome everyone to our Chapter’s new program year at CSI. September is often a bit of a sad time: summer is over and vacations become a memory. But just like when we were kids, September means the beginning of the new school term; it is a time for new opportunities. In the spirit of new beginnings I can report that the Metropolitan New York Chapter had a very productive planning retreat in August.

    During our retreat we reviewed what we had accomplished in the past year, how we either surpassed or fell short of our goals. We were determined to use the review to find ways improve how we serve our community. We found that we were pleased with the successful outreach to Pratt Institute, supporting our long-term goal of including more students and educational institutions in our community. Last year’s fascinating tour of Skanska’s office encouraged us to plan for more active and innovative programming. Many exciting and new ideas were brought to light, in the next few months you will see these concepts become reality.

    This September is a banner month for us. The Trade Show and Education Day: “Adapting Business to Succeed” occured on Wednesday, September 15. The seminars provided a wide range of topics including working abroad, energy incentives, socially-conscious development, the impact of CSI, Lower Manhattan construction and energy conservation through attention to door openings. Many people attended this year, and the vendors who supported the event and showed their products filled the space available.

    To further enhance our September offerings, the Chapter Annual Golf Outing is rescheduled for Thursday, September 23rd. This gives everyone another chance to sign up and participate.

    We expect the events of our “back to school” month will be a great lead-in for a year that will end in the amazing 60th Anniversary of our Chapter in June. Please join us on w

  • 2010.06 President's Column
    June 2010 letter from the President
  • 2012.07 President's Letter

    Teamwork has been defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.”

    The Metropolitan New York Construction Specifications Institute is a team. Our non-profit group is made up of architects, engineers, industry professionals, and suppliers, all sharing their time, expertise and energy to improve the built environment. Many of our volunteers have served the organization over the years in several different capacities. This has allowed the organization to grow and given us some flexibility. When someone leaves or moves on, others usually step in taking their place. Nothing works more perfectly than a well-oiled machine where everyone has a role.

    The New York Yankees have won many championships over the years with several different key players. Those players form a core group that makes the team go. When a player like Mariano Rivera goes down with a season-ending injury, or one retires like Jorge Posada the whole team suffers. Fortunately, others step up to take their places.

    The Metropolitan New York CSI Chapter also has a core group. Our super stars who make us winners are Linton Stables, Arnold Kravitz, Bill DuBois, Tom Lanzelotti, Russel Carpenter, William Jacquette, Susan Kaplan, Anthony Drummond, Angela Centanni, Ruma Som, Clifford Marvin, Bob Crane, Bert Korteling, Kenneth Raikowski, Dennis Italia, Luis Rosario, Mary Hosley, and Jeff Matles. They make things happen and there are many others who support our organization from behind the scenes...