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Volunteer for one of our committees. Not only will your help be appreciated, but you will get to know your fellow Chapter members better. There are opportunities that involve only a one-time committment and others that are a committment for a year. Most of our committees are a lot of fun. It's your choice!

Academic/Emerging Professionals/Scholarship
    Chair: Ruma Som, CSI, CDT, M.Arch, AHC
    Purpose: This Committee provides a venue and support for those who are studying for, or are just entering the design/construction industry. The Committee works with local educational institutions to provide a resource for faculty and students and to establish a connection between those institutions and the Chapter. The Committee administers the application process for the annual Frybergh Scholarship.
    More about the Academic/Emerging Professionals Committee.
    More about the Scholarship Committee.

    Chair: Dennis C. Italia, CSI, CDT
    Purpose: This Committee provides an independent review of the work of the Treasurer after the conclusion of each fiscal year, reporting its findings to the Board of Directors.

    Chair: Clifford Marvin, CSI, CCS
    Purpose: This Committee reviews the achievements of the members and associated organizations and prepares awards and award nominations accordingly. Chapter awards are given each year at the Awards Dinner.
    See this year's awards.
    More about the Awards Committee.

Educations and Certification
    Chair: Luis Rosario-Lluveras, CSI, CCS
    Purpose: This Committee organizes and conducts classes for those who are registered to take one of the CSI certification exams.
    Read about CSI's certifications and the exams (on the CSI web site).

Communications and Public Relations
    Chair: Angela Centanni, CSI
    Purpose: This Committee publishes the Chapter newsletter, The Addendum, 10 times per year. In addition, the Committee is responsible for electronic communications and for the Chapter web site, and for the Chapter's interations with other professional organizations in the New York City area.
    Read the Chapter newsletter.
    Subscribe to the Chapter E-newsletter.

    Chair: Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Purpose: This Committee advises the Board of Directors on fiscal policy and on investments of the Chapter’s assets.

Golf Outing
    Chair: Kenneth Raikowski, CSI, CDT, AHC
    Purpose: This Committee organizes and administers the annual golf outing which is a fundraiser for the Francis L. Frybergh Scholarship. The Committee solicits donations from individuals and companies in support of the scholarship.
    More about this year's Golf Outing.

    Chair: Tom Lanzelotti, AIA, CSI
    Purpose: This Committee is responsible for directing the recruitment and maintenance of the membership of the Chapter.

    Chair: To be selected by the Nominating Committee
    Purpose: This Committee recruits and proposes leaders to the Board of Directors for inclusion on the annual ballot for election of officers and directors.

    Chair: Bill DuBois, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Purpose: This Committee guides the process of long-range planning for the Chapter leaders.

Program and House
    Chair: Bob Crane, CSI, CDT
    Purpose: This Committee invites speakers for the monthly meetings of the Chapter. The Committee makes arrangements for those speakers and promotes the programs in advance.
    House: Chris Kroeter, CSI
    Purpose: Responsible for the monthly dinner meetings, making arrangements with the venue, receiving and processing reservations and payments, and setting up the venue for each meeting. The Committee also oversees activities welcoming newcomers to the Chapter.
More about our Monthly Meetings.

    Chair: Michael Bean, CSI, CCS, LEED® AP
    Purpose: This Committee considers changes in our industry and how those changes might affect the members of the Chapter. The Committee studies code revisions, new materials and methods, and proposed revisions to the formats and documentation methods of CSI.

Trade Show
    Co-chairs: Jeffrey Matles, CSI and Arnold Kravitz, CSI
    Purpose: This Committee organizes and administers the annual local trade show and education day. The Committee establishes the program of educations and invites exhibitors to provide information to architects, specification writers, and facility owners and managers.
    More about this year's Trade Show and Education Day.


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