Get involved as a student

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An Open Invitation to Students of Architecture and Construction

If you are a current student in the field of architecture or construction on the undergraduate or graduate level in an acredited program in New York City or the surrounding counties, you are invited to participate in the life of our Chapter of CSI. Join over 70 students who are already members of our Chapter!

Here is how we will help your studies:

  1. Our monthly programs are not only educational, but they include an opportunity to meet current professionals in the architecture and construction industry on a one-to-one basis. Plus, dinner is on us! If you would like to come to one of our meetings, go to the meetings page and register. Tell us you are coming and that you are a student (where it asks for an AIA number). You must present a valid student ID at the door.
  2. We will make you a member of CSI for the entire time you are enrolled in school. Membership in CSI has many benefits, including reduced rates on many courses and books, and reduced fees for certification and for conferences and conventions. In addition you will receive the magazine Construction Specifier, one of the premier technical magazines in our industry. When you are a member you can use the initials "CSI" after your name. To become a member sign up through our Membership Committee. (Do not sign up directly with CSI, unless you want to pay for it yourself!) Here is a membership application form. Here is an example of how you should fill it out.
  3. Through the CSI Certification programs we can help you get a head start on your cohorts by learning how the design and construction business really works. When you get the certification you will be the first among your graduate friends to have letters behind your name (CDT, and as we mentioned above, CSI). Sign up for a certification exam directly with CSI, but first become a member! You will save money.
  4. You will have priority in our consideration of a recipient of our annual scholarship award. In 2011 we will award a $5,000 scholarship. Our application form is simple, too! Check out last year's application form.
  5. We will select one student to attend the national convention of CSI in September 2011, to be held in Chicago. We will pay all expenses for the student we select.

In addition to meeting and greeting people in the construction industry, we would like to offer more concrete assistance in the form of mentoring, or just plain advice from time to time. For more information please contact the Chair of the Academic/Emerging Professionals Committee.