Why Get the CDT Credential?

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The Importance of Getting Your CDT Credential

Every year during the spring and fall, the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Metro New York Chapter hosts Construction Document Technologist (CDT) review classes.  These classes are offered at no cost and are a great value.  Each class session lasts two hours with a wide array of topics covered in preparation for the CDT exam.  With these great offers the question in your mind might be: why should I pursue the CDT credential?  To answer this question first we need to discuss the main subject covered in the CDT exam.  The CDT exam tests your knowledge of the CSI’s Project Delivery Practice Guide (PDPG).  The PDPG discusses facility life cycle and the participants involved in each phase of that cycle.  There are seven phases to the cycle and each is discussed in the PDPG.  Each chapter discusses the teams involved and the role they play in that particular phase of the cycle.  Other topics like product submittals and procurement process are also discussed.  
All these subjects are discussed with the AIA A201 “General Conditions of the Contract for Construction” and EJCDC C-700 “Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract” as the common industry references.  The AIA A201 and EJCDC 700 are very important documents to know as they have legal and contractual implications over the construction documents.  The general conditions are expanded in the Division 1’s specification sections.

Most construction professionals are well versed on the specification sections that are related to their discipline or products.  Knowing the correct type and quality of the product to specify is very important.  However, knowing how the specification sections interface with other specifications sections is very important also.  Division 01 specifications provide information that relates to the general conditions of the contract and Part 1 - General in all specification sections.  Knowing how the general conditions of the contract relate to Division 01, specification sections’ Part 1 – General, and the drawings will enhance your construction documents knowledge assisting you on the development and reading of your specifications.  So, going back to the original question; why should I pursue the CDT credentials?  The answer is: The PDPG will provide you with the knowledge of AIA A201, Division 01, facility life cycle, and participants’ roles and responsibilities needed to successfully execute your projects.  Finally, the CDT credentials will provide you with knowledge that will make you more marketable.

Check out the upcoming series of CDT classes.