February 2014 at CSI

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Social Media….We are surrounded
An opportunity to expand your professional reach.
By Luis Losada

It seems like we are bombarded and surrounded by social media every minute of every day.  Friend requests, people sharing images of their cats among other things, and companies looking to sell you their wares and services.  While we are surrounded in our daily activities with social media there are ways to use it as a beneficial tool for your professional life.  
On February 12th as part of our Chapter Meeting hosted by HÄFELE at their showroom, we discussed social media and how you can maximize the value that each site provides.  Whitney Vitale who manages communications and marketing for ASSA ABLOY led about 50 professionals in attendance through the discussion.  It was a good opportunity to compare the most popular social media sites and understand the differences between them and what they offer.  The sites that were discussed included Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin as well as a few others.  Ms. Vitale took those in attendance through the basics of setting up an account and how to navigate the tools for each site.  She also shared some input in what to do and what not to do.  

All posts and responses should be made in a polite tone
Complaints about your company products or services should be brought to the attention of Corporate Communications or other authorized individuals to respond on the behalf of the company.
Reposting/sharing of any material from a corporate or brand social media channel is encouraged.
Be open about who you are and what company you represent and work for.
Answer all comments to your sites.
Should Extensive detail be required to respond to a post, take the conversation offline.
Reference any corporate Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy that your company may have in place.
Show consistency between all social channels

Materials published in social media should not disparage or damage your company, its employees or brands, nor its competition.
Discuss or publish sensitive undisclosed corporate information.
Publish any private information such as financial, sales numbers, new product development plans, etc...
Use competitor brand names and key words to attract traffic.
Publish other companies'/people's text, images or videos without permission. Sharing/re-tweeting only those already published by content owner is ok.
Ignore law breaking content. Moderate and remove comments that are offensive, discriminatory or abusive. Caution this does not mean criticism.

Use these tips provided by Ms. Vitale to start your own social media policy and adapt them as needed.  Remember that social media for professional use can be a valuable tool to market yourself, your goods and services, and expand your network. It is always a good idea use similar judgment that you would use if you were speaking with a person face to face.  Thank you Ms Vitale for leading this discussion and providing insight, strategies, and personal experience to help us understand how to effectively manage Social Media for our professional lives.

Join us at the next meeting being hosted by Koroseal at their showroom in the Decorating and Design Building located in Suite 842, 979 3rd Ave NYC. Networking begins at 5:30 PM and the discussion kicks off at 6:30 PM.  Please remember to pre-register on our site to ensure enough refreshments are available.