Policy on Mailing Lists

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Board of Directors Policy
Membership Privacy and Mailing Lists

The Board of Directors of the Metropolitan New York Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute recognizes that its members deserve to retain some control over the use of information that the Chapter possesses on each of its members, and so adopts a policy that such information is not shared with any commercial enterprise nor with any other organization or person unless by a vote of the full Board prior to such permission being given. In particular, e-mail addresses and postal addresses, telephone numbers, and other personal information will not be sold or given to any outside person, company, or organization without such prior permission.

Member names, addresses, and telephone numbers will be used solely by other members of the Chapter in the conduct of the Chapter’s business, to inform the membership of upcoming events and issues, and to forward information on events and issues from other organizations which may be of interest to the membership. In sending information electronically, the Chapter will endeavor to maintain the privacy of all other recipients.

Adopted on November 11, 2009.