Chapter Goals

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Goals and Objectives for FY 2012
Metropolitan New York Chapter, CSI
Adopted September 7, 2011

Chapter Goal

Grow our Chapter by reaching out to our industry and those who are training to be part of our industry, involving our membership in sharing our knowledge and passion for the built environment.

Chapter Objectives and Strategies

Make a bold move to attract new people to our meetings and keep our current membership involved.

  • Make all the meetings inexpensive and easy to attend.
  • Start a new series of meetings on a different schedule and in different venues to attract new people to CSI. Programs would be practically-oriented to help those who are just starting out in their careers, or specialists such as interior designers or engineers.
  • Start a winter event much like the Golf Outing, but geared to a younger group; bowling party.
  • Improve our monthly meetings by planning them better, offering a time for organized networking, and controlling the environment to make the experience more pleasant.
  • Build on the programs offered by getting excellent speakers on topics of interest to a broad range of attendees.

Celebrate who we are by putting the word out in a methodical and sustained way to the many design and construction constituencies in the New York area.

  • Continue to improve our electronic communications, and branch into additional areas such as social networking, and an electronic newsletter.

Build our future by encouraging student membership and student involvement in our programs.

  • Continue our program with Pratt, addressing the incoming and outgoing classes, and offering free membership to all students. Offer free dinner to students who attend monthly programs.
  • Start a CDT study session at Pratt.
  • Offer additional resources to Pratt faculty.
  • Find one more institution open to our message and start a similar program to that we are operating at Pratt.
  • Award our scholarship again this year with broader advertising of its availability.

Contribute to the industry in a direct way, and one which is consistent with the history and the purpose of CSI.

  • Offer special classes and events for industry groups that have not previously enjoyed our attention, such as contractors, construction managers, and engineers.
  • Become a sponsor at an event for one of these groups where CSI’s presence would be noticed. Sponsor a table or buy an ad in the program to get exposure.
  • Build up our Trade Show so that it is one of the New York area construction industry’s major events each year.
  • Offer a CDT study session to members of the industry who want to take the exam.

Build our leadership by encouraging participation and fostering openness in governance.

  • Use electronic communications to foster an atmosphere of open-governance, encouraging participation in decision-making and the organization. Encourage the idea that leadership is open to all members, and that being involved is not difficult.
  • Require that every committee have at least three members.
  • Encourage some committee work to be done by conference call or on the Internet.
  • Provide more supervision and mentoring of committees by the officers of the Chapter.