• Justin Henshell hits the 61 year mark!
    Interview by Luis Losada

    What has it meant to you to be a member of CSI?I joined CSI as the first member after the MNY chapter was founded in the early 1950's. Meetings were held in the Architectural League basement on East 40th Street adjacent to 101 Park Ave., the Architects' Building It was through my association with specification writers and architectural materials representatives that I learned the science of building construction. Information that was not available in catalogues was freely given at the bar in the League and during the technical portion of the meetings I chaired the technical programs from 1953 through 1963. Joining CSI provided me with a great technical education and taught me that it is not what you know, but who you know. Read more>>
  • Report on the February 2014 meeting of CSI
    Social Media….We are surrounded
    An opportunity to expand your professional reach.
    By Luis Losada

    It seems like we are bombarded and surrounded by social media every minute of every day. Friend requests, people sharing images of their cats among other things, and companies looking to sell you their wares and services. While we are surrounded in our daily activities with social media there are ways to use it as a beneficial tool for your professional life. On February 12th as part of our Chapter Meeting hosted by HÄFELE at their showroom, we discussed social media and how you can maximize the value that each site provides. Whitney Vitale who manages communications and marketing for ASSA ABLOY led about 50 professionals in attendance through the discussion. It was a good opportunity to compare the most popular social media sites and understand the differences between them and what they offer. The sites that were discussed included Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin as well as a few others. Ms. Vitale took those in attendance through the basics of setting up an account and how to navigate the tools for each site. She also shared some input in what to do and what not to do. Read more>>
  • Membership Committee Report
    by Tom Lanzelotti

    The Committee reports on our current Chapter Membership of 252 and announces that they will be including at least one membership bio in each month's newsletter to highlight professional accomplishments or career changes of our members. If you have any new career updates that you would like to share with the chapter, please reach out to Josh.

  • Last month we welcomed DHI members to our meeting and program
    Welcome to the NY Door and Hardware Institute by Luis LosadaWe welcome the members of the New York Chapter of the Door and Hardware Institute. This past meeting was co-hosted by the Door and Hardware Institute. We appreciate those members who ventured out in the inclement weather and attended the co-meeting.
  • Luis Rosario-Lluveras Professional of the Year Award for 2013.
    Luis Rosario-Lluveras was selected for the US Army Corps of Engineer Commander's Professional of the Year Award for 2013. He works for the Building Systems Section of the Engineering Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers and is a registered architect, a Construction Documents Technologist, and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. As the design architect he has created several challenging projects, including a Consolidated Supply Complex at Thule Air Base; the Directorate of Public Works Building at Fort Meade; and an Information Service Facility at Fort Detrick. His expertise in the application of Building Information Modeling facilitated the use of this powerful tool in the District's design process. He exhibits the highest standards of professionalism in the execution of his duties, exceeding our customers' expectations and enhancing relationships with our regional colleagues. Mr. Rosario-Lluveras has contributed significantly to the success of the New York District and has brought great credit upon himself, his profession, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Learning units for 2013 Trade Show Presentations
    AIA/CES has determined that HSW credit for the program “Avenues: The World School, Chelsea” presented at NYC: Where Construction Never Sleeps on October 9 will not be permitted for AIA members. The program description and attendance list were re-submitted, and attendees should see LU credit (only) for this program on their transcripts. All other credits will be recorded as they were noted in the program.
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  • March 2014 President's Letter
    My arms are sore, my back hurts, and my feet are wet. Yes, all you Gotham faithful understand that nasty word, SNOW and with it we are getting record low temperatures. Our new Mayor in New York City says he's staying focused on the job at hand: Snow removal. To the rest of us he says to keep warm and, most important, stay safe.

    This coming meeting promises to be quite lively, as we get to ask (anonymously) all those questions we've always wanted to ask, but didn't want to offend anyone, or get ourselves fired, or look stupid. Join us for thie moderated (and did I say anonymous?) question-and-answer session! Read the entire letter>>

    Arnie Kravitz
    President, Metropolitan New York Chapter CSI

  • Previous President's Columns
    President's Columns from the past
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